Vince Lombardi once said: Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. Competition has always been a driving force in sports, business, and the like. As many of us know, our lifted trucks and SUV’s are no different. With the emergence of our new “Rate My Truck” section we found it fitting to host the first ever SoCal Trucks competition. Here’s how it works:

Beginning March 1st, post your big truck or SUV to the “Rate My Truck” of SoCalTrucks. Vote for your own truck, tell your friends to vote, text strangers for their vote…anything goes. At the end of the month, the truck with the highest overall rating will be crowned the SoCal Trucks winner. If your truck has already been submitted on “Rate My Truck” go ahead and resubmit it. Votes will only be counted for the month of March. So what do you win?

Our good friends Chris and Hank from 4 Wheel Parts have generously provided a $100 gift card to 4 Wheel Parts. Use it however you would like, just make sure to send us a pic of your new purchase. The winner will also receive a SoCalTrucks t-shirt, stickers and a feature story on the homepage. This competition is only a few days away. So tell your friends, take some cool pics, add those last minute mods and submit your lifted truck or SUV. We are looking forward to seeing some innovative trucks and SUV’s. Best of luck…Click Here to Submit Your Truck