Ford to Offer Natural Gas F-150


According to multiple sources, including CNN, Ford will begin offering F-150s that run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in the 2014 model year trucks. This option was previous available for larger Ford F-series trucks, mainly used in commercial fleets where gas was a huge cost to the company. It appears that this move by Ford is being driven by customers, who have been asking for CNG powered F-150 trucks.

This is a pretty interesting move by Ford. Although the CNG F-150 will save approximately $1.50 a gallon for its owners, the CNG upgrade will cost almost $10,000. Therefore, a truck owner would need to be using around 100 gallons of gas a month to pay off this upgrade in five years. That being said, if you are a landscaping company or construction company, you are probably using way more than 100 gallons of gas a month. This new option could set Ford apart from Chevy when it comes to small businesses and corporations buying full-sized trucks. Either way, it’s great for any truck owner who wants to save money on gas and take care of the environment.

Would you spend $10,000 on your lifted truck to save money on gas and preserve the environment?