How to Afford Your Next Custom Truck

At SoCal Trucks we know that you are looking for the best options when it comes to financing your new lifted custom vehicle. You  can utilize your own bank or credit union because of a great rate. We get that. So you if you have something already in mind, pleas go ahead, be our guest and use that option. This blog is primarily focused towards all of the Lifted “Buffs” that don’t know how to get financing for a truck that has many expensive accessories added to it. Here are just a few reasons we are promoting the financing we plan to spotlight:

  • Convenience Remember the last car, truck or SUV you purchased and the tedious trips back and forth to your financial institution to sign paperwork on important finance documents? Well, you won’t need to bother with any of that when you choose to secure your auto financing through this online process.
  • Competitive rates  Our spotlighted financing option offers competitive rates for auto loans and lease options. Plus, when you choose to finance through them, you’ll enjoy the choice of several finance options.
  • Loan or Lease?  Aren’t sure whether to take out an auto loan or auto lease? Let the finance specialists go over all the paperwork to make sure that you know exactly what the terms of your loan are and what the best fit for you will be.

We want to build a relationship that will last with all of our FANS. So, when you’re ready to buy your new truck or SUV, we encourage you to consider carsandpickups for you financing options. After all our goal is to get you on the road cruising in that unique head turner. Please tell them that sent you.


If you are in the auto financing business and would like us to feature your financing option, please contact us today as we would love to work with you.