What is Your Favorite Truck Color?

There are nearly three million trucks across America.

That number will most likely increase ass Americans will have purchased more and more by the end this year.

When we are talking about brands, we are talking  the Ford F-Series, GM Silverado and Ram pickup, which account for about 70 percent of the truck purchases nationwide. Pickup sales were up in 2017 and they remain to climb at an alarming rate.

But there’s one question that begs to be answered: What is America’s favorite pickup truck color?

Based on data available on Cars.com and  Spork Marketing a determination was made about the most popular truck paint colors in the past few years and, by definition, the least popular by searching through new truck listings across the United States.

“While there’s a lot of data about the most popular paint colors for vehicles overall, there’s not a lot of data out there for common truck paint colors,” said a spokesperson from performance truck products.“We decided to do our own research and we found that business-friendly truck paint colors still dominated the rankings.”

Here’s what we  found at Cars.com:

  • White trucks accounted for 30 percent of trucks available.
  • Gray and silver trucks, 25 percent.
  • Black trucks, 23 percent.
  • Red 12 percent and blue 7 percent.
  • Remaining colors – including gold, brown, beige, orange, yellow and green – about 3 percent.

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Photo shared by L. Waitz out of Missouri. Thanks for sharing & being a FAN!!!!