Good Customer Service is Hard to Find

Good customer service is hard to find. It seems as companies get larger and increase their profits, their customer service declines and the likelihood of actually speaking to a human becomes non-existent. This especially seems to be true when one is dealing with an online company. As most of you know I got hitched in November and as a wedding gift I did what any normal action sport, truck loving guy would do: I bought my wife a new snowboard. A snowboard shouts romance! Upon initial thought most people think snowboards are not romantic, but they fail to focus on the entire snowboarding experience. Most of the time you need a place to stay, you have to take a short road trip, and you have to relax in a hot tub or get a massage after a long day of riding. Road trip, mountainside condo, and a hot tub? I can’t think of a more romantic setting. Boom! Buy your spouse, significant other, etc. a snowboard and let the romance begin.

Sorry, I feel like that was a bit of a digression. Anyhow, I purchased an M3 from an online retailer who obviously sells snowboards at a discount. The board was listed as a blemished board with its only blemish being that the board measures 145cm but the print on it is 140cm. I thought this was something I could easily live with and it wouldn’t affect the board’s function. On the contrary! Two hours into the M3’s maiden voyage the tail began to de-laminate. By the next day the nose had began to de-laminate. Clearly I was upset. We returned home Monday evening and by Tuesday morning I had placed a call to the company. Ironically, no one answered their customer service line, and their mailbox was full. I tried calling the number again and received the same message stating the mailbox was full.

Next I went to see if they had a Facebook page that I could complain on because surely no self-respecting company would want a public message explaining how bad their product and customer service is. Again, no luck! So as a last ditch effort to remedy this situation I sent an email to the company stating my issue and asking how they were going to fix it. I have not yet gotten a reply, but I am patiently awaiting some good news.

It’s hard to sit back and wait, especially today when technology has allowed companies to respond quickly…if they want to. I mentioned snowboarding can be romantic, but it’s only romantic if you have a snowboard you can actually ride! I guess I’ll just keep waiting…