Menzies Motorsports Owns the Podium in Chicago


Menzies Motorsports owned the podium in Chicago at the end of July, taking a trio of third-place finishes and a big win at a TORC race double header where drivers Bryce Menzies, Ricky Johnson and Travis Pastrana put on an incredible show of short-course dominance.

“This was a long day but I’m super excited it ended with a win,” Menzies said from the podium on Saturday as he savored his victory. “Thank you to all the fans here in Chicago that came out to support us! We love you guys.”

Friday night racing saw Ricky Johnson qualify third in the Pro-4 field to start the weekend in the second row of the grid. The driver battled with Scott Douglas for the first few laps and found himself spun backwards while making his way to the front of the pack. Johnson eventually fought through the pack to finish on the podium in third place.

In the Pro-2 category, Bryce Menzies took the stage to try and beat out Global Rallycross and Red Bull teammate Travis Pastrana, who made a one-off appearance in a team truck at the race. Pastrana, who found himself on the podium during his first run on the event in 2012, ran as high as second before a flat tire put him out of contention. Menzies, meanwhile, worked his way to the front of the pack and after getting turned around by rival drivers Chad Hord and Rob MacCachren, he eventually took his Red Bull Pro-2 to a third place finish.

In the second day of racing on Saturday, Johnson again scored the third spot on the podium in his Red Bull Pro-4 truck. Menzies nearly missed the race after having to fly in late from a Global Rallycross Championship race in Bristol, Tenn. He jumped into his truck and got straight to work in his Red Bull Pro 2, driving all the way to victory.

Menzies, Pastrana, and Ricky Johnson are all KMC team riders. For more info, visit