FANS asked for a list of brands?…Here you go!

Fans of ours keep asking us for a list of brand names when it comes to suspension lifts. They also tend to ask for names of shock manufacturers and general questions that are the normal when you love lifted trucks like we do here at SoCal/MidWestern Trucks. So with that said, we found the best list on a site when it comes to brand names of lifts, shocks, accessories, cold air intakes, power steps, fender flares, power chips/programmers, wheels, tires, you name it, each brand for the most part is listed on this site.  This is just a great glossary of brands, Check it out!:
SoCalTrucks ALL BRANDS list


(Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with this site or the products. If you see something you like, contact us today for the best possible price as we’ll check with our distributors)