Chevy Mocks Ford on World’s Biggest Stage

Did you watch the Super Bowl 46 on Sunday? If not, then you missed something that 111 million people saw: Chevy’s commercial that questions Ford durability. The commercial shows the world after the apocolypse and the only survivors are Chevy truck owners. When one of the guys asks what happened to Dave, another guy responds, “He didn’t make it. He drove a Ford.” Wow! If this was a holiday, we would be wishing Ford a Merry Dismiss! Chevy openly questioned Ford’s durability to 111 million people. Dodge ran an ad too during the Super Bowl, but nothing like this. Check out the ad below and then read opinion below.

SoCal SAYS: Although we’re a little surprised to see Chevy take the gloves off and fight dirty, we also give them respect for calling out their biggest competitor. At the end of the day, there are two major truck companies – Chevy and Ford. Don’t get us wrong, we love Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan trucks, but just don’t sell nearly as many trucks as Ford and Chevy. The American truck owner votes with their wallet and it’s clear who they have chosen. So rather than shy away from competition, Chevy is going after it. It will be interesting to see how Ford responds. Either way, it should be interesting. We’ll keep track of Ford’s response and report back if they choose to step into the ring with Chevy.