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Pardon our language here: “That AS* though!” We get requests for dually’s that are SLICK all of the time and this one definitely fits the bill. Own it today and name it what you want!


Check out Custom Ford Truck Listing here.



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Sell Now! Buy Later!!!

Posted on August 2, 2017 into Products

Sell your RIDE now! We know, we know, it’s your pride and joy however now is the time to SELL! Daily we get correspondence asking if we have certain TRUCKS for sale. If you SELL now, you can buy a NEW TRUCK before the holiday. Change is good. You only have a LIMIED number of days until the Holidays are here. Don’t delay, act today!

12 years young? Seriously this truck is one of the cleanest trucks we have ever witnessed. Ever thought about eating your “WhatABurger off of your undercarriage? We have!   And it could be yours today. Snatch it up before someone else does. #snatch #clean #truck #lifted #chevy #mwtsocaltrucks #WhatABurger


Clean Chevy Truck For Sale

Big & Rich are back with a 13-song release, which they self-produced. “California” is the lead single from the release. Release date will be: September 15, 2017.

Here at SoCalTrucks we feel every TRUCK is California and BIG & RICH!

(Disclaimer: A lot of blood, sweet & tears were involved while building these trucks)



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This SoCal truck is exactly what you came to our site to do? BUY A TRUCK. However you are scared!

Let us tell you, TODAY IS THE DAY.

Pull the trigger on it & LIVE A LITTLE BIT.


This truck is perfect for you and you know it!  It’s custom, a head turner and has been well maintained.

Snatch it up right now before your neighbor or buddy does.


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Ever jumped in a truck & it instantly takes you “back?”
To a time? To a place? That day when you couldn’t believe you were driving this “unique,” “one of a kind” custom truck?
You could use that right? Here it is. It don’t get no better than this! Low miles mind you. This lifted, awesome build, will “fit the bill!”


Check out the listing!