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In a world where “rare” is hard to come by, we have flipped the page and found this “unique” 3/4 ton Suburban. These things are hard to find in good condition much less in “immaculate” condition like this vehicle. And to top it off the vehicle is totally customized with nothing sparred during the process.

Check out the Lifted Suburban here.

Every once in a while an older body style truck comes across our social feed. One that is impeccable. One that you can drop a “fry” on the floor board” and still engage in the “five second” rule? This thing is impeccable for an “ole truck.”
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So picture this. The sun is rising over the homestead and reflecting off of the dual stacks. Most of the time this means the rays are gleaming off of a transporter, tractor or a working truck. Only this time it’s different. The early morning sun is spotlighting “this pavement princess.” Dual stacks and beautiful enough to take to the local show truck events? UNHEARD OF right? Not with this Dodge Ram that is sporting a Cummins diesel. Make it yours today!

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Ever wanted to own a piece of history without having to put any “ELBOW GREASE” into restoring it? Here we have a Custom Scout that someone else already restored for you. All you have to do is put the keys into the ignition, start it, and keep gas in it. Be the talk of the town today.

Custom International Scout For Sale Listing

Here we have a super clean Ford Powerstroke diesel that is the best color known to man (Gray). Ever unlock your truck, hit the door handle, open the door and feel like you were “instantly home sweet home?” This truck speaks everything and anything known to man when it comes to “home sweet home” and comfort. Don’t delay, act today, this thing could be yours!


Click here for the AWESOME Gray Ford Truck for sale.

So the other day we had a guy say, “Why don’t you ever have a COOL Cummins for sale on your site?” Okay, okay all of you Cummins “fans” we received the message loud and clear. So here you have it. Not only did we find one of the cleanest Dodge trucks you will find, but we also found one that is the perfect color and the perfect setup. It could be yours today with just one “click” or phone call to the owner.


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2008 One of a kind Ford Custom F250

Posted on March 10, 2017 into Products

Recently we attended a few four wheel drive events down south and we were missing one thing? “A daily driver that is reliable enough to drive across the country and still be a head tuner.” With that said we needed to be able to take the truck to the farm and do “work.” It’s hard to come by but somehow, someway we found it and it’s for sale on our SoCalTrucks site. Check out this one of a kind truck. Check out listing¬†