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Did we ever tell you that we “dig” dark gray trucks? Well we do & this truck “knocks it out of the ballpark.” This truck has been customized & the setup is perfect. If you want a “bullet proof” truck that turns heads, this truck should be yours today!


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When this listing came across to be uploaded on our site we thought it was in “ERROR.” This thing is practically BRAND NEW, custom, a real head turner and HARD TO FIND. However, there are no ERRORS here. It’s up For Sale & it could be yours today!



2014 Ram 3500 Laramie Diesel For Sale

Posted on June 11, 2017 into Products

Ever been at the beach and you spot a lifted truck off in the horizon? As it comes around the bend it almost hits you like a HURRICANE? Windows down, tow mirrors out, customized, and “dressed to the nines?” Here you have it! This truck is AMAZING and it could yours today!


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In a world & state where “Street Outlaws” is KING. We have the privilege to list this turn-key race truck, show truck. And get this. It’s from the state of OKC! Own it today feeling confident and unique while attending those local “show n shine” and speedway race days.

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They don’t just raise fast, unique, one of a kind horses in the Louisville, Kentucky area. They also raise & build “kick butt” Ford dually diesel trucks. This thing is one of a kind & unique. Ready to snap some necks from all of the “gawkers?” You found it!  Own this thing today!


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In a world where “rare” is hard to come by, we have flipped the page and found this “unique” 3/4 ton Suburban. These things are hard to find in good condition much less in “immaculate” condition like this vehicle. And to top it off the vehicle is totally customized with nothing sparred during the process.

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