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Dare: A previous client of ours stated that we never offer WHITE lifted trucks that business owners could purchase as “so-called” work trucks. Challenge ACCEPTED.

Here you go! This should fit the bill.

(Disclaimer: Dog is not included)


Check out listing here.

There are those among us who believe that pursuing life off-road means rock crawling, trail running, and mud bogging, or maybe storming across the open desert at speed. We agree. Setting off to conquer the earth is why you built your ultimate truck or Jeep. To others, the ultimate adventure is finding the wave, hiking a new trail, kayaking down a roaring river or skiing the impossible run. Your adventure could be loading the family into your truck andContinue reading…

FANS asked for a list of brands?…Here you go!

Posted on September 22, 2017 into Products

Fans of ours keep asking us for a list of brand names when it comes to suspension lifts. They also tend to ask for names of shock manufacturers and general questions that are the normal when you love lifted trucks like we do here at SoCal/MidWestern Trucks. So with that said, we found the best list on a site when it comes to brand names of lifts, shocks, accessories, cold air intakes, power steps, fender flares, power chips/programmers, wheels, tires, you name it, each brand forContinue reading…

Call Bae! Seriously, we aren’t joking here. Call Bae & tell them you have found your dream truck & you are ready to MOVE IN! Grab this unique custom,  SEMA #HEADTURNER before someone else does.


Check out the truck listing here.

Custom trucks & lifted vehicles headed South to the Texas cities hit the hardest by the flood waters which were residuals of hurricane Harvey. In a video posted via YouTube, you can watch a lifted SUV pulling out a National Guard vehicle.

Modern everyday people helping out our “american hero’s” in times of need?   WE LOVE IT!!!

In our unbiased opinion the world needs to see more people lending a hand and helping out. It’s a HEART problem we are facing in today’s society.


You can checkContinue reading…

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