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E3 Southeast Kansas Ranch

Posted on October 20, 2014 into People

Numerous people keep asking where they can get the E3 Southeast Kansas hat. The same hat that Luke Bryan wears. Well naturally we were Born to wear “Trucker style hats”, and well you can say we helped you find it. What is E3 you ask? E3 ranch is a private, family operated ranch in Southeast Kansas. It is a working cattle and horse ranch, while a large portion of the property is used for hunting. Their site states that hats and shirts are coming soon. You canContinue reading…

Double Dime Ranch Hat-(White)

Posted on October 20, 2014 into People

Double Dime Ranch is a hunting property that consists of about 10,000 acres and it’s owned by the legendary third baseman Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves. After his retirement I’m sure Chipper will be spending numerous hours down on the ranch enjoying the outdoors from sunrise to sunset. Afterall, that’s what retirement is all about right. Our hats go off to you Chipper on a great career.


Recently Luke Bryan has started to wear a white fitted hat of the Double Dime Ranch. So naturallyContinue reading…

Luke Bryan’s own Corn Maze

Posted on October 1, 2014 into People


We thought this was cool. We are country music fans and Luke Bryan loves to sing about tailgates so we are posting it. This aerial photo was taken of the Honeysuckle Hill Farm of Luke Bryan. Luke is the latest star to get his very own corn maze just in time for Halloween. Now if we could only get Luke to wear one of our Midwestern Trucks gear hats we would be having our very own O.M.G. moment. Hit us up Mr. Bryan and we’llContinue reading…

Red Bull Snowboarder Sponsored By Toyota

Posted on October 31, 2013 into People


Okay, we’ve been pretty hard on Toyota lately with their latest ad campaign. That being said, things are looking up for Toyota with their latest announcement. Travis Rice, world class snowboarder and Red Bull team rider, is now a member of Team Toyota. This team includes other snowboarders Louie Vito, Elena Hight and pro skiier Simon Dumont. It also includes pro skateboarder and switch-stance master Bob Burnquist.

We’d love toContinue reading…

MMA Fighter Owns Sick Lifted Toyota

Posted on October 22, 2013 into People


Have you ever heard of How about UFC fighter Jon Fitch? Well, neither had we until an article appeared on’s website earlier this month. Jon Fitch is a former UFC fighter and now fights in the World Series of fighting. Not only that, but he also owns a sick Toyota truck with a 7″ lift, 20’s and 37’s. The custom paint, RBP grill, and engine mods look amazingContinue reading…