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Wasteland Warriors II – Partnership

Posted on January 25, 2015 into Murf Decides

Have you heard of one of the sickest videos to hit the off-road truck scene? If not, you will soon. Desert Syndicate just teamed up with Total Video and iFilm on their latest video release.

“Wasteland Warriors II – Out of the Badlands” is an incredible look at the off-road scene. This film documents the insanity of going 100+mph, launching 150 feet with dust in the nose, sand in the eyes, and blind landings. The drivers are a crew born outContinue reading…


Posted on February 22, 2012 into Murf Decides

Vince Lombardi once said: Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. Competition has always been a driving force in sports, business, and the like. As many of us know, our lifted trucks and SUV’s are no different. With the emergence of our new “Rate My Truck” section we found it fitting to host the first ever SoCal Trucks competition. Here’s how it works:

Beginning March 1st, post your big truck or SUV to the “Rate My Truck” of SoCalTrucks. Vote for your own truck,Continue reading…

Good Customer Service is Hard to Find

Posted on February 8, 2012 into Murf Decides

Good customer service is hard to find. It seems as companies get larger and increase their profits, their customer service declines and the likelihood of actually speaking to a human becomes non-existent. This especially seems to be true when one is dealing with an online company. As most of you know I got hitched in November and as a wedding gift I did what any normal action sport, truck loving guy would do: I bought my wife a new snowboard. A snowboard shouts romance!Continue reading…

Unfortunate Soul

Posted on September 7, 2011 into Murf Decides

With the introduction of the new site, Wes and I have been committed to bringing our readers current and relevant news on a daily basis. One way to do this efficiently is to sign up for google alerts and sift through them each day. A fair amount of the news sent to me is non entertaining or does not pertain to lifted truck enthusiasts. However, every once in awhile a gem will come acrossContinue reading…

Murf Decides

Posted on August 1, 2011 into Murf Decides

For those of you who have been loyal followers we would like to thank you. For those of you who are new to our site, we would like to thank you as well. This segment of our website is dedicated to my opinion, thoughts, rants and babbling jargon. It won’t necessarily always have to do with trucks, but will hopefully entertain, inspire or simply annoy you. Although, the latter is not our mission. was started nearly 10 years ago while two guys wereContinue reading…