E3 Southeast Kansas Ranch

Numerous people keep asking where they can get the E3 Southeast Kansas hat. The same hat that Luke Bryan wears. Well naturally we were Born to wear “Trucker style hats”, and well you can say we helped you find it. What is E3 you ask? E3 ranch is a private, family operated ranch in Southeast Kansas. It is a working cattle and horse ranch, while a large portion of the property is used for hunting. Their site states that hats and shirts are coming soon. You can check out this site which offers the E3 hat:

Oh yeah, don’t forget that the Midwestern boys found this hat for you. You can thank us later. Until then, check out our merchandise here on the website and tell us what you think? It is free to sign up and comment as a member and you can always just send us a comment under the contact us tab. Check out this cool video by Luke:

Midwestern Trucks presents Luke Bryan

Now that was a cool video and of course he’s naturally representing the E3 Ranch hat.



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