New Toyota Tundra Campaign Is A Little Weak


Toyota builds quality mid-size and full-size trucks. They’ve dominated the market with the Tacoma for a long time and there’s no disputing that it ranks far ahead of other smaller trucks. That success though hasn’t followed in full-size trucks, with Ford and Chevy still crushing the Tundra in sales. In an effort to change the trend, Toyota recently launched the “Build Anything” ad campaign. The campaigns show a bunch of different things a person can do with a Toyota truck: build a tree house, a baseball field, or a go-cart track.

The problem with the campaign is that it doesn’t really reach the typical truck owner. Most truck owners are farmers, firefighters, construction workers, or off-road enthusiasts. Why not show a Tundra bombing a hill in the desert or hauling a bunch of gear to a fire station? How many people care that they can use their Tundra to build a baseball diamond or go-cart track in their back yard? It’s cool to think about, but most of America doesn’t have these luxuries. We’d like to see Toyota get a little more “roots” and focus on their ads on the majority of people who buy full-size trucks. Check out one of the ads below and let us know what you think.