New Drilling Technique Helping To Sell Trucks


According to, hydraulic fracturing (aka “fracking”) is helping to increase demand for pickup trucks. Fracking is the procedure of creating fractures in rocks and rock formations by injecting fluid into cracks to force them further open. The larger fissures allow more oil and gas to flow out of the formation and into the wellbore, from where it can be extracted (according to Investopedia).

This new drilling technique is not only helping the U.S. become energy independent, but numerous drillers are spending cash to buy trucks to run their drilling businesses. Ford is seeing a pickup in West Texas, home of the Eagle Ford shale. GM’s truck sales are up 20% in places like North Dakota, the location of the Baaken shale. Workers in oil fields need trucks to do their work, as well as to get around in rugged terrain. On top of that, most “fracking” workers make solid salaries and have extra cash to buy a truck.

All this spells good news for truck manufacturers. It will be interesting to see if any truck companies focus on this growing market…