BFG Tires Falling In Demand


According to a recent article from, Michelin is planning to drop production for their BFG tires in the U.S. due to a decrease in demand. Not only that, Michelin is laying off workers at their plant in Alabama. “We continue to monitor the tire market and will react accordingly,” said Michelin.

This move is not surprising to us. We’ve seen very little innovation from BFG in the last few years. Not only that, companies like Toyo are investing in UFC fighters and alternative sports athletes to promote their brand. Maybe BFG is out marketing, but we don’t see them very often. We actually don’t think it’s too late for BFG. Yes, Toyo and Nitto have made huge gains and Interco is still going strong, but BFG is still an extremely well known brand among lifted truck owners. If BFG decided to get serious again, we think they could claw back market share. Guess we’ll see if they decide to fight or fold.

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