Reality TV Junkie

As each year passes I find myself learning more and more about who I am. It’s probably pretty normal. We have all heard that as people age they gain wisdom, or like a fine wine, we get better with age. However, I have developed a questionably unhealthy attraction to reality TV. My DVR is filled with singing competitions, Caged, The Challenge, Survivor and Biggest Loser. I have even tried talking my wife into watching the Bachelor. What the crust? What is happening to me?
I have began to wonder if my issue was normal, but then I thought it has to be because these shows stay on the air. So I can’t be the only one tuning in each week.
Last Monday night while I was watching The Voice it all became clear to me. As I am watching I notice that the guy auditioning looks strangely familiar. I graduated college in 2003 and have not seen this individual since then. But as I am watching and listening it dawned on me. This guy used to sing in the chapel band at my Alma Mater, Point Loma Nazarene University.
The lights dim, the snare drum sounds and Justin Hopkins’ voice comes through my 42″ LG HDTV. And in that moment my addiction to reality TV felt entirely justified. I stand up in my living room due to the sheer excitement of seeing the chapel band leader rocking out in front of millions of people. Not twenty seconds passes and Cee Lo Green pushes his button ensuring Justin a spot on this seasons show.
I feel as though all of my years of watching reality TV has led me to this place in time. It’s my duty to tune into The Voice and cheer on a fellow Crusader (since changed to Sea Lion’s).
Go Justin!!