Custom 2010 Ford F-150 Raptor Built By John Williams Was Featured at the 2011 SEMA Show

While SEMA may be the center for all things aftermarket, it is still amazing to see the variety of causes that theses aftermarket parts can represent. Sometimes people will choose a cause to support or sometimes they will choose a specific purpose to build the vehicle and sometimes they just build a car because they like building cars. In this case, the Ford F-150 built by John Williams was a blitz project that was begun 2 weeks before SEMA began and was finished 2 days before the show was to open. Let me repeat that 12 days of work to build this from the impressive, but stock, Raptor.
The F-150 in question began life as a 2010 F-150 Raptor with a 6.2 engine, which will be growling at the world through the K&N 77-2579KTK Performance intake system and will see an estimated 20Hp increase from this mod alone. John has done some previous work on SEMA vehicles as well, even earning some awards for his efforts. No wonder this particular build was no slouch on the suspension mod list:

ICON Upper control arms
Sway Away 2.5″ shocks
Deaver Leaf Springs
Poly performance rear shackles
4.56 ring and pinion from West Coast Differentials
Front Auburn Ected locking Differential
Warn 12000VR Winch
Custom pre runner bumpers
Superchips Cortex Programmer
Baja Designs Lights
Black Rock Wheels
BFGoodrich Mud Terrain TA KM2 Tires
K&N Performance Intake.

When asked what this vehicle does outside of SEMA John replied, “Drives me to and from work and pre running on the weekend.” It certainly ought to do that well. John has had some previous experience in building cars. In the past he has built cars for BRGoodrich, Bully Dog Technologies and Black Rock Wheel just to name a few.
When asked why he uses K&N specifically John replied “It’s the best product out there with years of testing and a long history of being the best air filter.” And when asked what experiences he’s had with K&N he said, “I have been using them on all of my vehicles since 1998!”

Now that SEMA is over John says that he is going to try to get back into rock crawling events and dirt racing. John also has a goal for his custom raptor; in short, 38×14 BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires. As John puts it, “No other Raptor will be on tires this big!” And that’s a pretty impressive statement. That’s not to say that the entire project was bolt on or easy. That front bumper was an entirely different matter, it was custom built by John and in his words “They were the first tube products that I actually built.” With all of these custom parts and Fords recent foray into rock crawling at Moab it looks like this raptor is a dinosaur not to be taken lightly.

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