Unfortunate Soul

With the introduction of the new site, Wes and I have been committed to bringing our readers current and relevant news on a daily basis. One way to do this efficiently is to sign up for google alerts and sift through them each day. A fair amount of the news sent to me is non entertaining or does not pertain to lifted truck enthusiasts. However, every once in awhile a gem will come across my Macbook Pro and this is the case and the focus for this “Dan Decides” blog post.

I came across this blog post today and it not only brought a tear to my eye, but it also troubled my soul.

“I have always been a huge fan of lifted trucks, but one of the major problems with that is that my wife really doesn’t care for them too much. What she doesn’t like, are the trucks that are lifted many feet off the ground and require a step ladder to get into them. Fortunately for me she will allow me to purchase or modify a truck that has around a four inch lift with some large tires for off-road purposes.

Now that I have the approval from my lovely wife, I have been looking for lifted trucks for sale for the past few weeks. I realized that it is actually really hard to find a good looking lifted truck that has all of the features that I want. The hard part of the process is that most people selling a truck that has been lifted 3-4 inches, often don’t list them as a lifted truck. It takes time to go through many listing and pictures and locate the trucks for sale that have these options.”

I will give you a moment to recover from what you have just read. I am sure you are as saddened as I was when I read this blog post. As a guy only 3 months away from getting married, I am fully aware that marriage is a sacrifice. In fact, my once manly bed is now covered with duvets, bed skirts and an over abundance of pastel throw pillows. However, my beautiful wife-to-be would never in a million years tell me I cannot own a lifted truck. She knows my passion for lifted trucks and knows that would be like taking a limb from me.

The other disturbing news is this poor guy cannot seem to find a lifted truck online. Did he try typing “lifted trucks” into google and following the link to We feature an array of lifted trucks from all different price ranges and all different styles. I can guarantee he will find a suitable truck on our site.

The truth is we have found a hobby, a passion, an outlet to spend our time and money on which many people don’t understand. We’re men, we’re men in trucks!! I vote we send a letter to this guy’s wife and tell her his fascination is completely normal and understandable. We should support him. No one should be denied the right to a lifted truck and total happiness.

Good luck my friend and know that SoCal Trucks and all of its readers are behind you.